Self hypnosis instructions to help you learn the ultimate self improvement process

This page provides self hypnosis instructions, and self hypnosis techniques, for learning hypnosis; free self hypnosis; and an explanation of how to do diaphragmatic breathing (scroll down to see below). This online free self hypnosis guidance also includes an example self hypnosis script which should be studied along with these instructions to see the full process.

Read on to learn how to hypnotise yourself for success.

These self hypnosis instructions will enable you to change your existing habits and achieve success because they ensure that your unconscious mind is fully supporting what you wish to do consciously.

The free hypnosis learning online provided here will explain how to use self hypnosis to help you achieve your future and change your habits.

You will NOT be using self hypnosis for clinical or therapeutic purposes requiring regression regarding past difficulties and conditions.

The self hypnosis instructions that follow will explain the process steps involved and what each step does and why.

This will enable you to design your own sessions if you so wish.

Using meditation techniques will also support your self hypnosis process.

Meditation techniques and self hypnosis instruction are two of the most effective mind control techniques and will yield massive benefits for you.

Some key points about THE SELF HYPNOSIS PROCESS

Firstly, we must make clear that you should not use any hypnosis process unless it is safe for you to relax fully and go into a trance state. For example, do not use self hypnosis if you are driving or operating machinery.

Self hypnosis is a natural process that all of us experience every day of our life, usually without realising it.

For example, when driving or playing video games or watching TV or immersed in a good book, our brain often slows down into an alpha state.

The self hypnosis instructions described here will make explicit, and bring into conscious awareness, this natural process.

Self hypnosis is not at all like stage hypnosis.

It is a light trance state of relaxed focused concentration with the aim of communicating directly with your unconscious mind.

It is intended to by-pass your critical conscious mind so that your unconscious mind can be reprogrammed with new beliefs and you will programme yourself for success.

This will enable you to develop new behaviours and habits more easily, especially when used along with creative visualisation.

In addition, these self hypnosis instructions will help you to relieve stress, boost positive thinking, and facilitate self help.

The self hypnosis instructions here, and the free self hypnosis described on a separate page (click here to see a self hypnosis script) will help you know how to control your mind and how to control your thoughts.

Why do we need to use self hypnosis techniques?

Isn't willpower and determination enough?

Well, changing your past behaviours and habits requires more than just your conscious mind to decide to do things differently.

And that’s because your unconscious mind has a part to play too and your unconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind.

Most of us have experienced this negatively.

For example, we may decide to lose weight or exercise or whatever, and we know that there are many benefits to be gained by changing our behaviour.

We know we should change and we know how we need to be different.

We might even make a start, with enthusiasm, but some time later........the same behaviour pattern emerges, our old habits re-assert themselves, and we’re back to “business as usual”.

And this may lead to us learning limiting beliefs and lowering our self esteem.

Why does "business as usual" happen?

Well, our conscious mind may have decided to change but if our unconscious mind is continuing with its old programme, eventually, being more powerful, it wins and we revert to our past habits and behaviours.

You will need to use these self hypnosis instructions to help break this cycle to reap all the benefits of the changes you may choose to make.

Self hypnosis is a simple, safe, natural, easy, effective, enjoyable way for you to do this and these self hypnosis instructions will show you how to do it.

Learning hypnosis will enable you to re-programme your unconscious mind in two ways:

1. to programme OUT any past baggage, old attitudes, negative emotions etc. (that are now acting as obstacles to what you want to achieve) and, also, to programme out obsolete mental programmes that were once useful but are now inappropriate

2. to programme IN new beliefs - to support what you really want to achieve and the behaviours and habits that will be needed.

Ah yes, but.... I feel some anxiety about hypnosis, messing about with my mind....

You may feel unsure about self hypnosis, or have some concerns, as many people do.

This is quite natural, as many misconceptions abound about hypnosis.

Let’s just clarify a few key points - in self hypnosis:

• you are fully in control.

Unless you have some underlying emotional, psychological or medical conditions that require professional help, there are no risks or negative side effects with self hypnosis (if in doubt, please consult your healthcare professional)

• You cannot get stuck in self hypnosis.

To communicate with your unconscious mind you will go into a trance state from which you can emerge at any time by, for example, counting yourself up from, say, 1 to 5.

Even if your unconscious mind doesn’t respond, all that happens is that you will drift into sleep and awake a bit later, maybe wondering what happened, but feeling great

• you will need to relax (physically and mentally) and focus your attention on your suggestions to activate positive change and de-activate resistance.

The two keys to this are to avoid analysis and cynicism by your conscious brain and to avoid trying too hard to make things happen. Just relax and let go, go with the flow and have a wonderful experience

• you will need to concentrate.

To communicate with your unconscious mind needs your full attention.

If your conscious mind wanders off or gets distracted, just focus on the process and carry on from wherever your conscious mind wavered.

Far from hypnosis "messing with your mind", and all the negative connotations that evokes, self hypnosis will build your mental capabilities, enhance your ability to concentrate and boost your self esteem as you achieve your goals more easily.

There are five steps involved in the self hypnosis instructions:

1. PREPARATION - that is, you will need to decide on, and prepare, the content you want to include in your self hypnosis session

2. INDUCTION - that is, relaxing deeply, both physically and mentally, using diaphragmatic breathing

3. DEEPEN - that is, de-activating your critical conscious mind and opening communication with your unconscious mind by moving into a trance state

4. TRANCEWORK - that is, using prepared suggestions and methods to programme IN to your unconscious what is needed to support you in achieving your goals and to programme OUT obsolete beliefs and self-sabotaging emotions

5. EMERGING FROM TRANCE - that is, ending your self-hypnosis with positive self-esteem and appropriate post-hypnotic suggestions.

These five steps are also listed on our online free self hypnosis page.

Click here to see an example of a self hypnosis script, which illustrates the 5 steps described in these self hypnosis instructions.

It also elaborates on the visualisation and guided meditation that was used with the escalator metaphor explained in ways to relax.

this is how to do diaphragmatic breathing:

You may have already mastered this as part of learning ways to relax (where what follows is also explained). If not, simply follow these self hypnosis instructions steps:

Take a deep breath in.

Breathe out and just when you think you have done so as far as you can, breathe out a little more as you pull your tummy in and up.

You are now at the starting point for diaphragm breathing.

Breathe in by letting out your tummy as far as you can.

Then, keep breathing in by expanding your chest.

Complete your in breath by raising your shoulders.

If it helps your learning, use a count of 15: i.e. count up to 5 as you breathe in by letting out your tummy; count 6 - 10 as your breathe in by expanding your chest; and count 11 - 15 as you complete your in breath by raising your shoulders.

Now, breathe out firstly by lowering your shoulders; then contracting your chest; and finally by pulling your tummy in and upwards (use a count of 15 for this out breath if it helps).

You've now completed ONE breath using diaphragmatic breathing (which can be used in all of the ways to relax and at any time).

You may need to practice a little on your own to develop the habit of diaphragm breathing.

Not only will it help you to be calm and relaxed, but it will also yield valuable benefits in terms of your general health.

Finally, these self hypnosis instructions will provide you with a powerful tool to programme yourself for success and make beneficial change, especially when combined with creative visualisation and mediatation techniques - click here to go to Home Page.

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